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Intercomparison of Hydrologic Models

In the year 2010, an Integrated Hydrologic Model (IHM) Intercomparison Project has been initiated with the goal to juxtapose the results of physics-based simulations of coupled hydrologic problems using varios established simulation platforms to interrogate the impact of model structure and implementation on simulation results and predictions.

The study has been open to all interested research groups around the world. In the first phase, a total of seven research groups and their respective models took part in the intercomparison study.

To reach their goal and present the results of the joint study the community is coming together every two years convening an Intercomparison Workshop, discussing benchmark problems and their effect.

The first IHM Intercomparison Workshop was held at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado on March 10-11, 2011.

The 2nd IHM Intercomparison Workshop was held at the University of Bonn on June 27-28, 2013.

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