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SimDataLab TerrSys

Simulation and Data Laboratory Terrestrial Systems

The SimDataLab TerrSys focusses since its founding in October 2012 on numerical simulation of terrestrial system processes across scales and the advancement of the use of supercomputing in terrestrial research.

The Simulation and Data Laboratory is part of the Centre for HPSC TerrSys at the
Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC), an initiative of Geoverbund ABC/J.

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Global change is affecting terrestrial systems at all scales. It results in major changes of the land surface and ecosystems and of the services provided by them with several socioeconomic impacts. Many processes are still poorly understood or reproduced by models.

Supercomputing offers new perspectives for the simulation, understanding and sustainable management of terrestrial systems. It enables the application of demanding numerical models to investigate terrestrial system processes:

  • Complex, nonlinear transport of energy, mass and momentum
  • Interactions and feedback mechanisms between different compartments of the coupled geo-ecosystem (subsurface, land-surface, atmosphere, reservoirs)
  • Multiple spatio-temporal scales, high resolutions, potentially long runtime
  • Ensemble simulations to estimate uncertainties

Geoverbund ABC/J scientists have a strong record in computational geosciences and terrestrial system simulations. The SimDataLab TerrSys supports scientists of the ABC/J region with scientific and technical support for their research activities on supercomputers.

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